Take A Look Within

Are you in a transition, at a crossroads or engulfed by a crisis, unsure how to navigate a new, unfamiliar and uncertain inner and outer landscape? Or, maybe outwardly everything appears to be going well, but you can’t help but sense that there is something missing from your life. It might be that you have grown tired of self-judgments and feelings that you are somehow unworthy or not good enough and want to spiritually connect with what is good and true within yourself.

Or, maybe members of your family are struggling to communicate clearly and kindly, misunderstanding each other and engaging in ongoing conflicts. It might be that you’re worried about your child or children, especially if they are isolating, acting out or have become defiant and disrespectful. Separation, divorce, co-parenting and/or blending families may be causing unexpected and unwanted challenges, causing you to worry about how your child(ren) are coping with a difficult transition. Do you want to regain harmony in your home, knowing that everyone feels seen, heard, valued and loved?


If you’re struggling with internal, external or family conflicts, you are not alone. We all go through times in life when we question who we are, what we’re doing and what we need to feel fulfilled. At these impasses, self-inquiry and reflection become important and sometimes even necessary. The good news is that conflict, crisis and transitions can help us to take pause and move toward what is innately light and good within and around us.

As an understanding, warm and experienced therapist, I can help. For over three decades I have been helping individuals and families engage in openhearted inquiry and uncover what they need to live as their most connected and authentic selves.

If you’re in Oakland, CA seeking a skilled, compassionate therapist and a safe space to engage in a process of self-inquiry and/or explore how to foster harmony within your home, I invite you to call me at 510-423-3577 to schedule a free, full, in-person session. A face-to-face session will help us get a feel for one another and decide how we can best work together. I’m also happy to discuss your specific needs and answer any questions you have about spiritual therapy, holistic therapy, family counseling and my practice.